4 Ways to DIY Your RV to Totally Personalize It

When you’re shopping for a new or used RV, there are dozens of standard features that come built in with your floor plan of choice, and sometimes just as many options you can pick! Swap out theater seating for a sleeper sofa, increase the size of the living room TV, add a TV to your bedroom, or have a washer/dryer included…the list goes on! You can basically make your RV a custom-fit for your family’s needs. But, here are some ways you can DIY your RV and make your home away from home truly feel like, well, home.

Wall Decals

One popular décor choice in recent years is the use of wall decals that are easy to apply as well as remove or reposition if needed. These can dress up the walls of your RV without adding extra weight.


Area Rugs

Not only will an area rug that reflects your personal taste and style make it feel like home, but it will also help protect the longevity of your RV’s flooring. Pick out an entrance rug or something for the living room to make it pop.



This is one of my favorite ways to customize a room – and it’s a great DIY project! Replace draw pulls and knobs with hardware that suits your style more. Whether you love pops of color, vintage, modern, mismatched, boho, floral…the sky is the limit! You might also consider swapping out appliance fixtures like faucets and handles for something that you like a bit more.


Lightweight Accents

One thing you need to be mindful of when DIYing your new or used RV is to try to pick things that can be done without adding much, or any, weight.


A throw pillow or comfy throw blanket in the living room can dress it up to reflect your style, as can fun hand towels in the bathroom. A little bit of creativity can work wonders, even if you’re being mindful of both added weight to your RV as well as your budget. Contact us today – one other way to snag an RV that feels custom fit is to let us help you pick out the perfect unit at the perfect price!

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