Tips to Keep Your Family (and RV) Safe On The 4th of July


Independence Day is just around the corner! It’s that wonderful time of year when the sky lights up with brilliant colors, loud booms sound off celebrating our great country, and family and friends come together to enjoy a hot dog, some slaw, and strawberry pie. Nothing is more memorable or more American than July 4th. Every year, however, thousands of people are injured or catch their homes, barns, and RVs on fire due to not taking the hazard of fireworks seriously. We put together a list of tips to help your family enjoy a safe and happy holiday.

Don’t Make Your Own Fireworks | Sure it might seem like a fun “science” experiment, but making your own fireworks is a recipe for disaster. You never know if you’ve got the right ratio of ingredients, and are messing with additives that are quite toxic and explosive. Your garage is the wrong place to make fireworks. Let the pros do their job and you do yours.

Never Aim At People | This might seem like a no brainer, but do you know how many kids each year think they’re Darth Vader and use fireworks as a light saber? It’s all fun and games until somebody sustains a 3rd degree burn or even loses a limb. Remind your children that fireworks aren’t toys and if you see anyone aiming them at someone else put a stop to it. You could really save someone some serious heartache.

Stay Away From Buildings | This also might seem like common sense, but unfortunately common sense isn’t so common. On the 4th of July about 8 years ago we lost our prized Arabian gelding in a barn fire that was caused by some teenagers lighting fireworks by hay. Yup, dry, flammable hay. Your home and RV are just as susceptible to fire as barns. If you’re going to light fireworks do so in an open field that isn’t dry. If you haven’t had rain in a while check with your local county authorities to determine if fireworks are even allowed this season.

Don’t Touch The Duds | The problem with dud fireworks is that they not only put on a pitiful or non-existent show, but they also pose a risk because you don’t really know if they’ve burnt out or are smoldering and liable to explode. Keep a hose nearby so you can quickly douse dud fireworks and rest confident that they’re truly extinguished.

One At A Time | It might be super appealing to light several fireworks simultaneously and put on a show like the pros, but this is particularly dangerous because you have to rely on the the time each fuse takes to burn and get away from them before they reach the firework. Instead, take pleasure in the simple things and light each firework one at a time.

Let’s work to keep Independence Day a truly magical time. By following these tips you’ll be well on your way to making sure the evening is fun and eventful…in a good way! What safety tips do you follow? Share with us on Facebook or Google+.

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