Benefits of an RV Club


If you’re not a member of an RV club yet, you may be missing out on some great times and friendships. RV Clubs give you an opportunity to meet others with like interests and a passion for RVing.  Plus, you can choose to travel with the group or independently and meet up with them at your destination.

With a number of clubs to choose from, finding one that’s a perfect fit is easy. Deciding what purpose you want served with your RV membership is the first step (after that it’s all just perks), so take some time to see how you travel and you’ll be able to name exactly what you want from your membership.  Here are some factors to take into consideration:

  • While there are national RV clubs, like Good Sam and Escapees, sometimes a regional club will serve you best–they can offer better discounts at the sites you visit and more local information that will benefit you.


  • Some RV memberships are exclusive to owners of specific RVs. While the discounts offered may not be as diverse as with some of the bigger, national RV clubs, you may find these memberships offer you more resources that relate specifically to your RV.


  • Campsite discounts are great and are probably the number one reason why most people look into joining an RV club, but buyer beware, not every site will accept your membership discount. Read up on which sites accept it and make sure it actually fits your destination route.


  • Consider RV clubs that are social or gender specific — there are clubs geared towards RVers over 65, military veterans, or for female RVers, and the resources they offer may be more in-line with your travel style


With so many RV club choices, you’re bound to find the perfect one to suit your needs. And remember, you’re not limited on the number of RV clubs you can belong too, you may find a mix-and-match approach works best for your travel plans.  If you’ve decided on which RV club to join, but not on which RV you want to buy, then visit Oklahoma RV Center today! Our knowledgeable staff will show you around the newest arrivals and answer any questions you may have.

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