Fall Camping Destination: Get Your Kicks on Route 66!

Part of what makes autumn so amazing is the beautiful fall foliage. If you’re longing for a late fall camping destination to enjoy the scenery, what better way to explore the beautiful state of Oklahoma than on a scenic trip of Route 66?! Check out what you’ll find on the stretch of Route 66 that runs through Oklahoma as a scenic byway. It’s a perfect excursion to enjoy in your new or used RV!

RVs Under 25 Ft Long

The Mother Road

Historic Route 66, which runs cross-country from Chicago to Santa Monica, allows the patient traveler to take a step back in time, enjoy traveling at a more relaxed and leisurely pace, and truly take the scenic route. The Oklahoma stretch of “The Mother Road,” as Route 66 is referred to, spans 400 miles – just over a sixth of Route 66’s total span.

Fall Camping Destination

What You’ll Discover

Are you ready for a colorful trip back through time in addition to the gorgeous colors of fall? Then hitch up and hit the road!

Fall Camping Destination

America’s Scenic Byways whets your appetite with the following description:

Driving through Oklahoma’s Route 66 allows the traveler to journey through time, offering unique recreational experiences. Only in Oklahoma, can one experience the history of Tulsa’s Black Wall Street, the jazz of Oklahoma City’s Deep Deuce and the state’s rich Native American heritage…Oklahoma’s Route 66 is a crossroads for transporting cultures and people. The 38 vibrant communities along Oklahoma’s Route 66 offer the traveler the opportunity to touch the past in the modern day. [It is] a shining testament to the freedom to dream big, to move freely, and to have hope of a better tomorrow.

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Where to Stay

Route 66 is an RV traveler’s paradise! You’ll find RV parks dotted along the route and plenty of lodging options. This is truly the iconic vacation route for people who travel in new or used RVs.

Before You Go

You can’t put a pricetag on peace of mind. Give our RV service department a call! We’re ready to take care of any service checks or repairs your RV may need before getting on the road. Contact us today!

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