How To Choose an RV Destination

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Choosing an RV destination isn’t easy. There are so many incredibly sights to see in our great country that narrowing the options down to one or two vacation spots. The reality of most people’s lives, though, is that a few vacations each year is really the most many of us can enjoy because of other responsibilities like work and family. To help make your planning easier we put together a list of some tips for you to follow.

Who Is Coming With You?

Where you park your RV park will depend a lot on who is coming with you on this trip. If you’ve got kids you’ll want to choose a destination that includes kid friendly amenities like nearby parks, volleyball courts, and maybe even family centered activities. If you’re a couple, an adult RV park that is likely more quiet and less rambunctious might be a better option. Those who plan to bring their pets should make sure pets are welcome wherever they’re going and be aware of any rules that come with bringing your pet.

What Do You Want to Do?

If you’re looking to sit out on the beach and enjoy a margarita, you’ll want to make sure the RV park you choose has beach access. Likewise, if you just want to sit out around a campfire and roast s’more, choose a park that offers fire pits. Putting together a plan of what you want to do makes actually choosing where you’ll stay much easier.

Where Are You Going?

This is probably the hardest part of RVing. It requires you to really consider what you want out of your RV trip. Are you looking to make it an educational experience where you visit historic sites? Do you want it to be nature-centric so you can really get to enjoy the great outdoors? Maybe you’re looking to just have a great time and enjoy modern activities like amusement parks and quaint downtowns. Whatever you want, begin to rank various destination based off of what they offer, how much they’ll cost, and where they stand in terms of priorities. Our thought is that life is too short to pass up a dream vacation, so if you have to choose between visiting somewhere you’ve always dreamed of or maybe taking two shorter trips, choose the former. Quality always trumps quantity.

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