Is Your RV Keeping Up With the Joneses?

Admit it.  When you were camping this past weekend you roamed around checking out the frills on everyone else’s “home away from home”.  Can’t hardly believe what they can put on an RV these days, can you?  Isn’t it amazing?  Now you are wondering if you too can have an RV with all the “bells and whistles”.  You can.  Let us at Oklahoma RV Center show your our favorite “extras”.

Enjoy the camping life style!
Enjoy the camping life style!

Some new features we have noticed not only make your RV more stylish they are just pretty darn handy.  Check out some of our favorite features showing up on the 2017 models of RVs.

Outdoor Shower-  Not only is this fun, but think about how handy it is!  Do you have kids?  How about a dog?  Wouldn’t it be great to only grant them access to your beautiful, clean RV AFTER you rinsed the mud and grime off?

Fireplace-  Admit it.  Depending on where you are and where you camp, it can get downright chilly in the evenings.  Having a fire and the flip of a switch is a luxury that you won’t want to be without again.

Outdoor Kitchen-  You’ve seen the fold down outdoor burner.  What if we added a fridge and a kitchen sink to that?  That’s right!  All the essentials you need for a great meal located outside.  No more burning the meat on the outdoor grill because you ran in to check on the corn on the cob on the stove.  Perfection!  And as of this writing we have over 20 RVs in stock with outdoor kitchens!

Everything you need to cook a meal-outside!
Everything you need to cook a meal-outside!

Bunk House-  A must have when you are traveling with kids.  The bunkhouses available today can range from a couple bunks to a room with a whole hang out…bunks, TV, the whole nine yards.  And bunkhouses aren’t limited to Travel Trailers anymore. Check out these Fifth Wheel bunkhouses, too.

Side Hauler-  Now this is cool!  Comes in very handy if you like to take a motorcycle with your or even a whole family’s worth of bikes.  Easy to use and out of the way and best of all leaves more storage else where for more important things, like extra marshmallows.  We carry the DRV FullHouse with the sidehauler.

Who doesn't need extra storage?
Who doesn’t need extra storage?


Are you ready to shop now?  We are ready to help!  Contact us today at Oklahoma RV Center to help you pick out your next set of “bells and whistles”.

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