Let Oklahoma RV Center Help Sell Your RV

Looking for a new RV but don’t know what to do with your old one?  It’s not easy to sell a used RV, so why don’t you leave it to the professionals at Oklahoma RV Center?  We can sell your old RV on consignment.  Who has time to answer all those phone calls, wait around for appointments to show and worry about the buyer obtaining financing.  Save yourself the frustration and let us do all the work. Here are just some advantages and tips to get you started.

Sell your RV on consignment.
Sell your RV on consignment.

First, clean your RV inside and out, including storage areas and your windows.  Sparkle always sell better!  You may even want to consider having your RV professionally detailed.

Second, take care of any maintenance issues and fix any annoying small problems that you have been putting off.  No one wants to inherit someone else’s little fixes.

Next, get a tune up and and oil change.  Little things you can advertise put you ahead of the competition.

Once your RV is ready to sell, take a walk around and inside your RV with fresh eyes, or ask a neighbor to walk through and offer any suggestons to make your RV more appealing to a buyer.  You may even want to add a couple of inexpensive but cute accessories to give the RV an added punch of style.

Call your insurance company to make sure that your RV is covered while sitting on the sales lot.  No matter what safety measures are taken, there is no protection from mother nature.  To keep your investment safe, double check that your coverage extends to the sales lot.

We will help you determine a fair and equitable price for your RV, then let us go to work to advertise and sell your RV — hopefully quickly and at a great price.


When you are ready to part with your RV contact us to get started.  And don’t forget to start shopping for your new RV!  Your old one will be sold in no time flat!

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