Off-Road with the Roughrider

If you love taking your adventures off the beaten trail, then the Little Guy Roughrider might just be the trailer that you are looking for. These little RVs pack a lot of punch with electric brakes and custom-made chassis with high-tolerance off-road mud tires and squared fenders, making it able to handle anything that your truck, jeep, or SUV can handle. As long as you have 4-wheel drive, the Roughrider will find its way as well.

Outstanding utility with the Roughrider


Dual-locking entry doors and slider windows make it a very secure place to hang your hat at night and the screens add an additional element of outdoor enjoyment and security. These, along with the overhead roof vent means that the Roughrider will be well ventilated even in hotter weather. Then, when it’s time for a meal, you can open the back hatch and enjoy the full cooking facilities in the rear galley.

Off road with the Roughrider
Go where most can’t with the Roughrider.


Inside the Roughrider comes with carpeted floors for additional comfort and warmth during cooler weather as well as a queen or king mattress, depending on the model you go with. Under these areas, you will find more than enough storage space for all of your hiking or camping gear, so that you can really take your adventure into the stratosphere. Perfect for traversing off the beaten path, you will absolutely love the Little Guy Roughrider for off road journeys.

The Roughrider Outdoor Kitchen
The Roughrider Outdoor Kitchen


If you want to check out the Roughrider up close and personal, you can come over by getting driving directions and check it out for yourself. Or, if you have a question or two you would like answered, you can contact us with inquiries. Make sure you look at our Roughrider page frequently to see what other outstanding RVs we have in stock!


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