RV Tip: Check Out These Top 4 Camping Gadgets

Summer may be over, along with its week-long camping vacations, but fall is here with its glorious opportunities for weekend camping trips. If you’re only gone for a couple days and nights at a time, it’s all the more important that you pack efficiently. Here are a few handy camping gadgets* that can make your camping trip easier and more enjoyable, which in turn will help you make the most of your outings this fall.

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Reusable Hand Warmers

Let’s hear it for sustainable options! Say goodbye to disposable hand warmers and say hello to something that gets warmer faster, stays warmer longer, and never has to be thrown away! Bend the metal disc inside the warmer, and watch it activate the internal ingredients to heat up instantly and gradually become a semi-solid. To reactive for reuse later, simply boil down to “melt” down the internal solution back to liquid.

Camping Gadgets

These are perfect for nature hikes on brisk fall days and for warming up sleeping bags on chilly fall nights! They also come in different shapes and sizes for your convenience. Get them or others like them here.

Hands Free Snack Dispenser

This portable container with a pop-top lid allows you hands-free snacking on the go! It’s perfect for kids and adults alike. The removable lid can be used as a container for easy portion control, and the pop-top lid cuts down on mess and germs from handling the contents. Find it here.

Camping Gadgets
Cosmic Down 20 Sleeping Bag

When was the last time math gave you a warm feeling? This unique geometric sleeping bag from Kelty promises to do just that. Its angular features, trapezoidal construction design, and thermally efficient materials mean you get a cozy night’s sleep. You can order yours here or shop for others like it – just in time for cold autumn nights.

Camping Gadgets

Collapsible Kitchen Gear

Collapsible products mean storage issues are solved! From food storage containers to buckets to bakeware, collapsible products not only take up a fraction of the space, but they help eliminate excess weight from what you’re pulling.

Camping Gadgets

Camping Gadgets



Silicone is extremely heat resistant, so replace what you can in heavier bakeware – like casserole dishes – as well as dinnerware like plates and bowls. Enjoy the extra space, and watch the pounds melt off what you’re hauling! You can order one here.

These are some of the best camping gadgets we recommend for your fall camping trips. Need a recommendation on a new or used RV? We’re ready to help with that, too. Contact us today!

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