RVing Saves Money and Makes Memories

Use the Vacation Value Generator to Compare Vacation Costs

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You’ve probably seen RVs barreling down the highway and wondered just where the people towing them are headed and how they can afford to take a vacation with today’s cost of fuel and lodging.The truth of the matter is RVing is incredibly more affordable than traditional vacations. It allows you to save money and make memories with your family that will last a lifetime.

The most common question those interested in RVing ask is how one can afford the cost of fuel. The truth of the matter is that today, more than ever before, RVs are incredibly fuel efficient. Lightweight construction and aerodynamic exterior shapes all come together to create a variety of RVs that can be towed by crossover vehicles and small trucks. You can also reduce fuel costs by emptying your holding tanks before you leave your campground and filling up water tanks once you’re at the campground. If you’re driving a motorhome you can save on fuel by ensuring regular maintenance is performed, the oil is changed, and a yearly tune up is completed.

To boot, the flexibility provided by RVs means you can camp close to your home to get the feeling of a vacation without traveling too far, or head out across the country if you want. You can make your trip fit your needs to the T.

One of the most expensive costs of a vacation is food. With RVing you get a complete kitchen to whip up delicious meals for your family and ample storage to keep food at your fingertips.

Another piece of your vacation puzzle that typically costs even more than fuel is lodging. Thankfully, with an RV you take your lodging with you wherever you go! You can choose the best spot that is closest to local shops, parks and other attractions and not have to worry about booking hotel rooms or losing luggage while flying.

RVing can be as expensive or affordable as you want. Buying a used RV is a great way to save money on up front initial costs, while buying a higher end new RV to spend your retirement in might be a better long term solution.

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