RVs with a Bath and a Half: 2 Great Units You’ll Love

If you’re shopping for a new or used RV, it’s pretty smart to make a list of the floor plan features you know you absolutely have to have. We have a wide inventory of new and used RVs for sale that offer every feature imaginable, from outdoor kitchens and entertainment to bunk houses to pet-friendly models with leash hookups and pet feeding stations. But one of the most popular floor plan features something you won’t want to overlook: RVs with a bath and a half!

Convenience for the Whole Family

One of the obvious and major advantages in traveling in an RV with a bath and a half is that regardless of your family size, it enormously improves the comfort and convenience in traveling together.

RVs with Bath and a Half

For example, our Wildwood Heritage Glen fifth wheel for sale offers an incredibly spacious rear full bath adjoined to the Master bedroom. You can enjoy the convenience of this full bath, while there is another half bath in the center of the unit for easy access by anyone. Check out the birds eye floor plan:

RVs with Bath and a Half

If you love traveling with a fifth wheel, you won’t want to miss this unit! It’s perfect for a family of 6. Check out more photos and features here.

Privacy for Everyone

Another major perk of traveling in an RV with a bath and a half is the added privacy for everyone. Take a look at the birds eye floor plan of our Shadow Cruiser travel trailer for sale. A full bath adjoins to the Master bedroom, while the half bath is adjoined to the spacious bunk house for the kids or overnight guests.

RVs with Bath and a Half

It’s the ultimate in privacy – and it allows you to use the restroom without waking everyone up at night, thanks to its close proximity to each bedroom. Take a look at more features and photos here.

RVs with Bath and a Half

Whether you’re traveling with 2 people or 10, an RV with a bath and a half is a must-have feature that you’ll never regret investing in. Contact us today. We’d love to help you pick out the perfect unit for your family!

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