Summer Camping Destination: Yellowstone National Park

If you’re looking for a gorgeous summer camping destination, one of the most beautiful places you could pick is Yellowstone National Park! Trust us – it’s worth every minute of the road trip and yes, every penny of the fuel expense to get there. Yellowstone National Park is absolutely stunning in the summertime, and your entire family will enjoy an unforgettable vacation like none other. Learn a little more about the park below!

Famous for Good Reason

Did you know that Yellowstone was the first established National Park in the country? It’s world-renowned for its geothermal activity, as well as its iconic wildlife. And there’s no end to the amazing sight-seeing. You’ve seen the pictures on the internet – go take the photos for yourself! Make sure to visit the following:

Grand Prismatic Spring

Grand Prismatic needs to be on your “must-see” list while you’re here! It’s the largest hot spring in the U.S. and holds the title of third largest worldwide.

Summer Camping Destination

Enjoy the view up close, but take photos from a distance: it’s such an enormous hot spring that in order to get all of it in one photo – and really appreciate the colors – you’ll want to check it out from different angles and distances.

“Paint Pots” and Hot Springs

Make sure to grab a visitor’s guide to Yellowstone. The landscape has countless places where you can observe the amazing geothermal activity, such as other hot springs and “paint pots.” These pools of mud bubble with heat. You won’t want to miss out on them!

Wildlife Sightings

Keep your camera at the ready! You’ll probably enjoy countless sightings of moose, marmots, bison, elk, and more. Grizzly bear sightings are also fairly routine! Remember to use common sense when taking photos. Don’t get near the wildlife, try to bait or trap them, spook, or try to touch them. Wild animals need to be appreciated from a safe distance, so for their safety as well as yours, take your pictures with a zoom lens if you want it to feel closer.

Summer Camping Destination

Old Faithful 

Make sure to see Old Faithful – one of the most infamous geyers in the world! It erupts steadily every 30 minutes to two hours. Come at any time of the day and you won’t have to wait long to see this amazing geyser do its thing.

Summer Camping Destination

Morning Glory Pool

You’ll want to visit Morning Glory Pool just after leaving Old Faithful because it’s so close by! Get lost in the stunning shades of blue and green and take photos of this outstanding hot spring from every angle.

Summer Camping Destination

Camping at Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone has plenty of camping options for visitors and their new or used RV. Learn more about that here.

Of course, before you get on the road, make sure to schedule some RV service or browse our RV parts and accessories catalogue to stock up on the essentials. We’re here to help you enjoy great vacations year-round, so stop in or contact us today!

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