Top 3 Features of the Heartland Bighorn Traveler

The Heartland Bighorn Traveler is a wonderful RV with many features that you will absolutely love. The Bighorn is Heartland’s #1 selling fifth wheel and it’s been one of the top 3 selling fifth wheels in the industry for over ten years.  This full profile RV is primed and ready to take your next trip to the next level by providing you with a level of comfort and amenity that you’ve never experienced in a towable.  And with six Floorplans, there’s sure to be one to fit your needs. Here are just a few of the features that you can expect to find in the Bighorn Traveler Fifth Wheel.

Bighorn Traveler Exterior
Beautiful and stylish Bighorn Traveler Exterior


  1. Spacious Bedroom – Every palace needs a place for the king or queen to lay their heads. Fortunately, the Heartland Bighorn Traveler has just the place for you to find true relaxation. The bedrooms are more than just spacious, they are also luxurious with king-sized bed, large closet space, and more than enough room for you to stretch your legs.
  2. Residential Kitchen – Think your kitchen at home is functional? Why not try cooking a meal or two in the kitchen of the Bighorn Traveler fifth wheel kitchen? Residential, stainless steel refrigerator, three-burner range, kitchen island with high-faucet stainless steel sink; these are just a few of the amenities that you will find in this over-sized kitchen.
  3. Relaxing seating area – So, you’ve been out all day hiking, fishing, exploring the great-wide-world. You come back to your fifth wheel and the first thing you want to do is sit in a comfortable chair and take a load off. That is the Bighorn Traveler’s specialty. With more than enough seating, every model of the Traveler is outfitted with a dedicated living room complete with entertainment center and enough seating for the whole family and then some.
Bighorn Traveler Kitchen
Highly functional Bighorn Traveler Kitchen

There is so much more that you get when you drive the Heartland Bighorn Traveler off the road, but these top 3 features are certainly big selling points for this titan of luxury. If you are interested in learning more about the awesome Heartland Bighorn Traveler fifth wheel or any of our other RVs for sale in Oklahoma, you can contact us and ask any questions you may have. Alternatively, you can get driving directions to our dealership and come by to check them out up close and personal. We are proud dealers of high-quality RVs suitable for any style, any type, and any budget, so don’t hesitate to stop in today.


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