Using Your RV To Make The Holidays A Little Merrier

Airstream decorated for Christmas
Photo via Flickr, Rich Luhr

If you’re not planning a trip in your RV this holiday season, it doesn’t mean you have to say goodbye to your fifth wheel just yet. With some creativity, your RV may just make the holidays run a little smoother.

If there is some serious cooking on the menu this holiday season, consider using your RV as a second kitchen. Perfect for preparing and storing side dishes and keeping drinks cool until it’s time to eat, your RV’s kitchen will give you some added space to impress your guests.

And speaking of guests, if you have family coming to stay for a few days, use your RV as an extra guest space. It’s easy to hook your RV up to the power of your house, an extension cord should do. If your guests will be using the RV as a full living space (kitchen, bathroom…) there’s a little more work involved as you’ll have to hook up to the septic tank. Whether you use a macerator or sewer system is up to you, and the labor involved has the potential to get a little dirty, But it’s totally worth it. You’ll appreciate having a little less crowding in your house, and your guests will enjoy having their own private kitchen and bathroom space.

When Christmas rolls around, use your RV as a gift wrapping station and toy hiding spot. Because what kid doesn’t enjoy a good gift hunt challenge? And Santa will love a little extra help. Plus, you’ll get some quiet time to enjoy some hot cider and listen to Christmas songs. Which is another guilt-free way to enjoy your RV during the holiday season. Offer your bedrooms to your guests, in fact, let them take over your whole house, while you enjoy some peace and quiet in your RV. They don’t have to know you’re relishing in the luxury of plush residential furniture while relaxing in front of your fifth wheel’s fireplace. Your secret is safe with us.

Do you have any other ways to use your RV during the holidays? Let us know in the comments or on our Facebook page!

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