Visit Oklahoma This Spring and Get Your Kicks….

Did you know that Oklahoma has more driveable miles of Route 66 than any other state in the country?   It’s time to gather up the kids and hit the road for a vacation in Oklahoma the whole family can enjoy. Dust off the family RV, hop in and get ready for a great Oklahoma adventure!  There are so many fun things to do with your family on this trip, we could only pick a few of our favorites to tell you about.

Come get YOUR kicks....
Come get YOUR kicks….


POPS-With over 700 different types of soda pop, the kids will be thrilled to pick through all the crazy flavors to find just the right one.  Watch out for the caffeinated ones!  You want them to sleep when you get back on the road.

Take A Hike-If your family enjoys a nice, scenic hike, make a stop at the Redbud Trails.  The Woodland Fork winds through a forested area, while the Prairie Fork will take you through a section where the soil is so thin that few trees grow. If it’s your first time to Redbud, the Prairie Fork is recommended for it’s beautiful nature landscape.

National Route 66 & Transportation Museum-National Route 66 & Transportation Museum encompasses all eight states through which the Mother Road runs. You and the family will have the chance to see numerous artifacts and antique cars along with rare historical documents and collections recapture the spirit of Route 66.

Route 66 Vintage Iron Motorcycle Museum-Home to an incredible collection of motorcycles and memorabilia and an ever-growing Evel Knievel memorabilia collection.  The collection includes Evel’s Snake River Canyon Jump Mission Control Super Van.There are over 40 vintage motorcycles on display at the museum.  A 1917 Harley Davidson, 1972 Yamaha World Record Jump Bike, 2004 Honda world record jump bike and a 1949 Indian Scout all call this museum home.

Don’t forget to stop at POPS!
How Evil Kenevil are you?
How Evil Kenevil are you?










When you sit down to plan your next family adventure, think about taking a trip in Oklahoma on good old Route 66.  And if you have questions about which RV is right to take with you on this new Oklahoma adventure, contact us today.

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