What Green-RVing Really Means

HikingYou hear a lot nowadays about companies being green, but what does that really mean? If you’re talking about your local community, it may refer to recycling and re-purposing. If you’re talking about the RV industry and, more specifically, about your own RV, let’s take a closer look.

“. . . RVers, like tent campers, tend to be far better stewards of the environment . . . “

At first glance, many folks may not realize how environmentally friendly RV vacations are. Sure, your RV uses more fuel than your gas-friendly sedan, but it uses much less fuel and leaves a far smaller carbon footprint than an airliner and rental car. And RVers, like tent campers, tend to be far better stewards of the environment in which we enjoy spending our spare time. Today, nearly 20% of RVers also use solar to power on-board appliances and electronics.

RV manufacturing has come a long way as well. Lighter building materials, such as aluminum, fiberglass and bamboo, and more fuel-efficient chassis result in more compact RVs with gas mileage that often compares to SUVs and pickups. Manufacturers are also designing sleeker front-ends to aid in wind resistance, and using green earth-friendly practices in the manufacturing process.

Want more ways to ensure that you’re doing your part for the environment? Here are some reminders:

  • Recycle cans, plastic and glass while you’re RVing. If your campground doesn’t provide receptacles, drop your recyclables at local drop stations along the way.
  • Composting: Many campgrounds have composting areas where you can drop food waste, coffee grounds, etc.
  • Use washable dishware and utensils instead of throw-aways. You’ll love the money saved when you no longer have to replace paper plates and plastic utensils.
  • Make your own efficient and non-toxic cleaning liquid then store in spray bottles to use as needed.
  • Return to paper bags instead of plastic.
  • Turn off the radio or TV at night and tell stories around the campfire!

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