Which RV is Right For Me?

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If you’re looking for a new RV or have been through the experience of shopping for one, chances are you’ve asked yourself which RV would be right for you. We’ve all got different needs and expectations, which is why there’s such a wide variety of RVs out there. In addition to a huge selection of RV brands, you’ll also find a diverse range of floorplans.

When it comes to determining which RV is right for you, you first need to think about your lifestyle. How often do you plan to RV? Some RVs are great for quick weekend trips, while others are made for longer, mid-length trips. RVing is also quite popular among snowbirds, people who head south for the winter and live in their RV for part of the year. So, how often do you plan to use your RV? Be realistic. We all want to hit the road full-time, but most of us have jobs, kids, and other life responsibilities.

Another important question to ask yourself is where you plan to RV. If you enjoy cold weather and want to RV in the mountains, you’ll want an RV that is made to withstand cold temperatures. If you don’t have an RV that is capable of cold weather vacations, you could end up suffering thousands of dollars worth of damage due to frozen pipes and holding tanks.

Once you know how you plan to use your RV and where you’ll be vacationing, you need to think about the various RV classes and how they can meet your needs.

Travel Trailers

Travel trailers are incredibly diverse RVs. They’re practical and comfortable, yet don’t cost an arm and a leg. Many are available as lightweight units that can be towed by mid-sized trucks and SUVs. Many also come with slide outs that expand your area and can even sleep up to 10 people. If you’ve got kids and need to stick to a budget, but want comfort and space, a travel trailer might be just what you need.

Fifth Wheels

These RVs are much more luxurious and easier to tow than travel trailers. They’re often a favorite for families who demand luxury, but can also be used by those who are planning travel full or part time. Many offer a fully enclosed underbelly, so you’re protected from flying rocks (depending on brand).

Toy Haulers

Perfect for active families, toy haulers come as either travel trailers or toy haulers and boast garage areas so you can store your toys. Often times these garage areas can also be sued as extra living space, play rooms, and even on the road workshops.

If you’re interested in learning more about available RVs contact us. As your Oklahoma RV dealer we have the knowledge and experience necessary to help you find the right RV for your needs and lifestyle. We also welcome you to stop by and walk through available units, to get an idea of what each RV has to offer.

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